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Antique Memories

Tales from a Lifetime of Collecting Antiques and Folk Art

An exciting and informative retro ride through one collector’s 40 year career as an antique and folk art hunter.

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The Author

Shaun Markey has been collecting antique country furniture and folk art for 40 years. His second book gives the reader a personal account of some of Shaun’s most interesting and rewarding discoveries. Not one to pull any punches, Shaun also includes examples of excellent antiques and folk art that, due to various circumstances, exceeded his grasp. While his focus is on country furniture, accessories and folk art, the lessons learned apply to just about all areas of collecting. So, jump into the front seat with Shaun and let him take you on a retro-ride through the exciting discoveries and acquisitions that came his way over the last 40 years!

To reach Shaun use email: or message him on Facebook.

Inside Antique Memories

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Folk Art in the Attic

This is Shaun’s first book which gives readers colourful and fascinating details about some of his best antique and folk art finds. Reading this book is like being Shaun’s companion on antique picking trips in the Ottawa Valley, Quebec and further afield. If you are a passionate collector or simply have a passing interest in antiques and folk art, Shaun’s book provides first-hand accounts of the finds, the friends, the challenges and sometimes the disappointing “misses” when wonderful pieces slipped through his hands. It’s all there in Folk Art in the Attic!

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Folk Art in the Attic: The Blog

You can also read the Folk Art in the Attic blog which Shaun created and maintained. There are over 40 posts in the blog. Topics range from show reviews to discussions about folk art attributes, trends and issues in collecting, to definitions of folk art and analysis of contemporary versus traditional folk art. The posts are highlighted with many interesting photographs of antiques and folk art.

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